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Training In The Cloud

Online Courses

Everything you need to know for your next checkout. Learn anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace, before you meet with your instructor.

Created By CFIs

Our courses are created and individually tailored to each aircraft by working CFIs. They know their aircraft and soon you will too. You’ll know your new aircraft so well, your instructor may take credit for how much you already knew. It’s okay though, you don’t have to tell.

Learn On Your Time

Planes, flights, instructors, written tests, checkrides, ground school, you have to schedule everything in aviation. Let us take some of the hassle of scheduling away from you. From the time you purchase a course you have 30 days to watch and review everything you want. No need to schedule your computer, finish your course from any location on your time.


We like show and tell. No need to waste time hunting and pecking through poorly written manuals and books. We’ll show you where to find everything in the manual that you will need to know. Finally, you can ace those ridiculous ground review questionnaires that all the FBOs use.


Most videos include a brief quiz to make sure you understand the content in the lesson. You’ll get instant feedback on your learning progress. We’ll make sure you know what you need to know for your next FBO checkout.

Downloadable Content

Our courses are more than just videos and quizzes. Many lessons will include additional items that you can download and share with your fellow flying friends. These downloadable items may include anything from additional content to quick tips and checklists specific to your aircraft.


Each course that you purchase will include checklists that you can download and print at home. Can’t find that checklist? Flying somewhere new and forgot it? Save the file and print as many checklists as you’d like. Keep one in the plane and keep one in your flight bag. You’ll never be without it.

How It Works

All of our courses follow a standardized format. The look and content will vary by aircraft but the way each course is organized will remain standard. Each course includes videos covering the following areas:

  • Overview
  • Limitations
  • Normal Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Weight & Balance
  • Performance

In addition to the videos, each aircraft checkout course includes downloadable content such as limitations, checklists, and other related content.

Videos include brief quizzes to help reinforce the topic being covered and to ensure that you have learned the pertinent information.

Course Pricing

Our course pricing is super simple:

Steam Gauge Courses


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Glass Cockpit Courses

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